POWERFIT ™ Corporate Fitness Challenge

The POWERFIT™ CHALLENGE is a 90 day body transformation contest that includes measurements such as weight loss, body fat percentage loss, inches loss and full body transformational success. Bringing Fitness and Weight Loss to the workplace is fun and easy for the employees. Not to mention, there are major benefits for the overall organizational culture: 

1) Wellness Programs Improve Employee Health Behaviors.
2) Wellness Programs Reduce Elevated Health Risks.
3) Wellness Programs Reduce Health Care Costs.
4) Wellness Programs Improve Productivity.
5) Wellness Programs Can Decrease Absenteeism.


HOW IT WORKS-  Employees are broken up in teams to compete with one another to lose the most weight collectively or option to compete for full body transformational results.

WEIGH-INS - The competition starts with metrics, weigh-ins, and consultations. All companies receive a tool box with videos, meal plans, lunch & learns and onsite group fit class opportunities. After 90 days all stats are tracked and tallied and the winners are given prizes.  All Corporate Programs are customized to meet the companies goals and budgets.

CHECK-INS - Sign ups and timelines are customized by company and can start on any date with 90 day competition. Weekly forms will be sent to complete and check-in photos are required to be submitted. Samples of photos will be submitted to company liaison for record keeping and highlights.

WORKOUTS - Digital workouts will be offered at least one day a week or more. On site group workouts can also be incorporated and vary in styles and formats. Workouts are selected by the company liaison and discussed during pre planning meetings. This is a good time to ask questions and connect with competitors in the challenge. You can also chat with lead trainers about any weight loss plans, discuss lunch and learn topics and more.

Meal plans, motivational videos and photos will all be posted on the POWERFIT™ Challenge Instagram and Facebook pages for showcasing progress.

ELIMINATIONS - All Contestants must submit a minimum of 3 weigh-ins and 3 transformational photos to show progress. 

WINNERS ARE SELECTED - POWERFIT™ CHALLENGE Team will work with company to identify prizes and announcement of winning teams.  Winners will be selected by way of MOST TRANSFORMATIONAL or weigh-ins.

** POWERFIT™ CHALLENGE suggest participants should consult with their physician before starting any weight loss program.

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